Ireland | Great Value Vacations

For spring break my husband and I went to Ireland for 7 days. It was an amazing trip! I had already been to the country before but this was his first time leaving America. We booked the entire trip through Great Value Vacations.  We did their castles of Ireland tour, which allows you to stay in 4 different castles along the northern coast of the republic. While on the trip, I documented the experience, including the hotel accommodations and local attractions. 

I love to travel, and using Great Value Vacations made it a lot more affordable. I liked this package because it was more of an independent tour. GVV handles the international flight and all hotel accommodations, once you're in the country everything is fair game, you're not stuck with a tour guide or a large group of other people. 

After coming back, I also made a video giving tips and advice as an American about visiting another country, including different social cues and customs to consider.