#SetLife | Pet Store Print Ad

My first modeling experience! 

Yesterday I spent the day on set for a pet store print ad. I was paired with a Golden Retriever...well... a few Gold Retrievers. (The lights and people made a lot of them nervous.) 

I will say it's pretty fun and WAY less stressful being the talent on set. Just sit around, chat with a few people, and then go and take some pictures! A lot different from being a producer or PA on set lol. 

Here's my outfit along with makeup.

HAIR PREP (The night before)

  1. Separated my hair into two sections on either side
  2. Used ACV to do a quick pre-cleanse treatment let sit for 5 minutes
  3. While in the shower washed each section with the Terressentials mud wash
  4. Towel dry with microfiber hair towel 
  5. Break up hair into 4 sections from the 2.
  6. For each section: Use my Vatika Hair Oil to seal in moisture. NOTE: To Purchase seek out your local Indian grocer it will be exponentially cheaper than purchasing online.
  7. For each section: Lightly blow dry until hair is about 50% dry. 
  8. For each section: apply a quarter size amount of Eco Styler Gel and smooth through
  9. For each section: braid into 3 braids.
  10. In the morning: unravel and fluff

SKIN PREP (The night before)

I use the terressentials mud wash as a face exfoliant as well. Let it sit while I work on my hair in the shower and rinse off at the very end. 

SKIN PREP (The morning of)

Did an oil rinse using some coconut oil. I apply the oil and massage into my face before getting into the shower.  While showering I leave the oil on so the steam can work its magic.  Once I'm finished washing my body, I take my washcloth and massage and scrub the oil off my face while under the warm water. 

I find doing an oil rinse every now and then (once or twice a week) gives my skin that extra elasticity and buoyancy. Combined that with drinking enough water and a decent diet and my skin stays looking pretty good.  

I'll update and let you know about the finished product. I'm assuming it will take a while before I see the ads.