Rebranding my YouTube Channel

Hello hello hello! 

Apparently all the cool kids have channel trailers so I decided to make one for my YouTube channel.  As the channel maintains its steady growth, I keep getting approached by different networks trying to get me to sign a contract.  

...which lets me know that maybe, just maybe...I'm doing something right...

I wanted to create a trailer that was around 2 minutes long and shows the wide variety of topics I cover on my channel, I also wanted to figure out a consistent color scheme and style that I could incorporate into future videos. 

I built this style from a pre-made template in AE, and fashioned my "branding" around it.  

My new banner on YouTube mimics the style of the video as well.  I don't really want my YT to pigeon hole me to one specific topic, so I came up with the tagline "I just make videos." 

Let me know what you think!