2016 Democratic National Committee Fundraiser (Austin, Texas)

Every year, what feels like a deluge of people make there way here to Austin, Texas for SXSW, an Interactive, Music, and Film festival with global appeal.  This year seems to be the biggest year yet, with the arrival of President Obama (a first in the festival's history).  

While I didn't have the chance to hear him speak on his Interactive panel, I was given the opportunity to see him speak at a fundraising event for the Democratic National Committee. The event was hosted at the Austin Music Hall on Nueces, a pretty large venue which somehow still maintains an intimate feel. 

Of course, I brought my Sony NEX-5T (now the a5000) along with my Sony telephoto lens (55 -210mm). 

Before he arrived (my friend Grace was following the hashtag POTUS, and updating us every few minutes), producer Will.I.am gave a quick introduction for musical guest J.Cole. 

Will.i.am was apparently one of the sponsors of the event.  He spoke briefly about the president's tenure and of course the need to continue working towards a better future. 

I love bringing my Sony to events like this because I get the true range of the telephoto.  The above picture gives a more accurate perspective of my distance from the stage, while the below is using my telephoto to its full potential. 

Once J.Cole was introduced the crowd went wild.  He performed about 5 songs, a small set by Austin standards, but it was still great to see him live.  Again, I used my telephoto to get some up close shots. 

What surprised me the most was the level of detailing my Sony was still able to pick up, even with the mood stage lighting. 

Once J.Cole finished his set, it was time for President Obama to take the stage. Needless to say, I took A LOT of photos of the president, but this one is by far my favorite.  I really wanted to catch him smiling. 


SXSW is a pretty hectic time for most Austinites especially if you're not planning on participating in the festival, but it was great to catch POTUS before he leaves office. 

While at the event, I was able to use the Sony's Wifi capabilities to send these high quality photos to my phone to share on social media. I posted my photo of J.Cole to twitter and was immediately retweeted by SXSWHipHop! 

The wifi capabilities is one of my favorite features of the Sony cameras, I use it constantly while vlogging and blogging. 

Are you all coming down for SXSW? Let me know what you're most excited about seeing!