On Gabby Douglas' Edges

When you are bending and breaking the laws of gravity and physics edges don’t matter. When you are a two time olympian at the ripe old age of 20 – edges don’t matter. She has transcended a realm of existence where edges matter and the fact that twitter is trying to bring her back down to our level where edges are relevant is laughable because she is better than us. 

Yes, she is better than us. Fight me. 

When you can somehow become an olympian and represent a country with systemic institutional racism – edges cease to matter (yes, I went there). Y’all tried this shit four years ago and I was just as annoyed then. 

People need to decide, do they want a role model or do they just want a model. If they want a model – that’s fine. Just admit that to yourself and leave Gabby’s edges out of it, because again – they don’t matter.