06.17.2017 - An Assisted Self Portrait


Generally, getting a good portrait of myself requires a lot of work: I have to figure out placement, timing, posing, all while being in front of the camera. But sometimes I have an assistant (read: my husband, Mr. Hallease). 

A nurse by trade with very little knowledge of photography or video -- he still seems to always get my best self. Probably because the posing I do with him is always genuine. 

Generally, what I'll do is take a photo of him first with the framing I want him to copy.  Then I make sure to set my camera up (adjusting ISO, aperture etc) before handing it over to him.   

Today, we spent another day on the beach and I wanted to get a good portrait of myself while here.  

I explained the shot I wanted, set the camera, and then handed it over.  

"Where's the zoom?"  

"It's a fixed lens love, you gotta come closer to me. You're the zoom."  

"That's weird." 

"It'll make the photo better. Trust me."  

"You know my knees are bad."  

Mr. Hallease

Mr. Hallease

After staying there for a minute (and I assume seeing the difference a fixed lens makes for portraits) I heard him start snapping. 

But instead of trying to stage a smile I just closed my eyes and focused on thinking about the trip thus far. Very relaxing,  and a true (and very much needed) vacation. I opened my eyes to a still contorted Mr. Hallease and I smiled. [CLICK]


I thought about how much photography isn't his thing but he gets how much I enjoy it. [CLICK]


I guess I'll keep him around.