#TrynaBeSomebody || Career Coaching


I've been working on expanding the Tryna Be Somebody series to include more tangible content on how to better yourself as an individual professionally.  This episode is the realization of that vision. 

I recently decided to become a freelance video producer! 

I knew it was the right thing to do, but once I officially had my last day with the agency I found myself sort of twiddling my thumbs.  In the meantime, obviously I would produce more content on my YouTube channel but what tangible steps could I do to generate new business? 


I established my LLC earlier this year, but I'm pretty sure I need to draft some contract templates? Right? That's a thing...right? Where do I go for that?


Should I respond to every email I get from some far off country to try a random product I've never heard off? What if it leads to something! What if it ends up being the next iPod? HALLLPP!


And then as if God saw my internal struggles and confusion, I remembered that I knew a career coach. 


We had our first session my last official day at the agency and when I tell y'all I left that meeting renewed and restored in the Lord Jesus Christ! Sometimes all you need is someone to help you work through all the directions your mind is going.  Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, or freelancing/starting your own business like me. I think everyone can benefit from a coaching session.