#ClueVoices || Becoming a Clue Ambassador

Early last year I produced a video talking about using a menstrual cup and it was really well received. One of the main comments I got on that video was women of color being excited to see me talk about women's health issues and topics. Check out that video here: 


Fast forward to this year. After decided to get off birth control, I began looking around for a new app to help monitor and track my period. One of my great friends told me about Clue. A tracking app that isn't pink! (They're always pink...)

Clue is a company based in Berlin, Germany that helps people with periods track their menses and also predict it three months at a time. Once I started consistently plotting my data into Clue it began to predict my cycle almost to the day. 

Clue recently started #ClueVoices allowing women to become Clue Ambassadors and use social media to discuss different women's health topics and to normalize menstruation. When I heard about this I immediately thought of the menstrual cup video I had made last year and decided to apply. 

Now, as a Clue Ambassador I want to start pushing out content discussing different topics with my YouTube audience. Education is key to moving forward. There's nothing weird or disgusting about having a period, and if we want to move forward with women's health we need to normalize the topic. 

Check out my latest video in my #ClueVoices series.