My FitBit Blaze

I'm a believer in the power of the FitBit! 

For Christmas last year, my husband bought me a FitBit Charge HR and I was immediately hooked. I mostly used it to track my step count, as a video producer and editor a lot of what I do for a living is very sedimentary and just having a constant reminder on my wrist to move helped me to become exponentially more active.  

I also loved it for the online community.  Most of my family already uses a FitBit, so we are all constantly participating in Work Week Hustles or Weekend Warrior Challenges.  That is great because it adds an extra layer of competition to your workout routine, you're a lot more likely to stay active if there's some level of accountability associated with it. 

When I heard FitBit was releasing a new product I was VERY excited. I had seen their high end model the FitBit Surge but that price tag really got me.  The FitBit Blaze offers a much more agreeable price point with a lot of great extras that helps differentiate it from my Charge HR. 

Check out this video I produced showing how I use my FitBit Blaze and let me know what you think! 

Not a sponsored post or video.