Hallease (pronounced Hall - lease) is a video producer, editor and digital storyteller based in Texas.  A Texan by birth, she developed a love of video early on in life, becoming the family photographer at the age of 13.  She has always enjoyed storytelling, creating small skits with her first video camera and neighborhood friends.  While in high school, she realized that her love for video could translate into a life-long passion and career.  She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Radio - Television - Film.  

Always interested in documenting and reflecting on her life, she created her Youtube channel – Hallease. This allows her to catalog her life through short films reviews and occasional collaborations.

When she's not producing short films for YouTube she runs Hallease Beast. A full service creative video production company. From initial proposals to final deliverables, she can facilitate all aspects of the production process to ensure quality content. Whether you're an agency, individual or entity she is excited to hear from you and tell your story! 

TL/DR: Video producer, editor and digital storyteller based in Texas. MEDIA KIT!