Hallease x Glossier


I’ve finally decided to start dabbling in the artistry that is makeup...

Well not entirely...

It’s more like, sometimes I look just a little bit rough. Too many drinks the night before. Stayed up a tad too late...

You know, just living my life.

Anyway, decided to start using some light makeup to help with those off days.  My goal with my makeup regimen is to achieve 3 things with my “look”:

  1. Make it seem like I got a good night’s rest.
  2. Make it seem like I drink enough water.
  3. Make it seem like I’ve always been a healthy eater. 

To achieve these goals I’ve been using Glossier’s makeup products.  I purchased their tint, concealer, boy brow, and Generation G. 

Glossier made it really easy to figure out my correct shade, they provide an in-depth video library of different women trying each of their 5 shades. They also create a great graph showing a variety of different women with different variations of melanin and what tint should work best for them. 

The game changer for me was the boy brow. I wasn’t expecting it to enhance my eyebrows as much as it did. It really does make them look a lot more full. 

If you’re interested in trying Glossier, feel free to use my code to get 20% off your first purchase http://bff.glossier.com/eavzC and let me know what you think!  

Check out the video to see my live demo of the products