Weekend Getaway || South Padre, Texas

Beach. Relaxation.

The sound of waves as I laid out on the sand, moving only to cool off in the salt of the ocean. This was my first experience in South Padre and frankly, I'm upset it took me this long to make it down. As a Texan by birth -- it's unacceptable. Truth be told, I had very low expectations for South Padre. I had been warned many times about the gulf being...well...a not so great beach (and that's putting it mildly).  

However, Padre was a pleasant surprise. It reminded me a lot of an American Cancun.  A lot of people walking around soaking up the sun. A lot of seafood, and of course a lot of Spanish. Mr. Hallease and I took the trip with my in-laws. When Mr. Hallease was a boy they used to make the trip down to South Padre often during the summer from Laredo, Texas his hometown. 


From San Antonio, the drive is about 4 hours -- which to me, is just on the cusp of being too long of a drive for a weekend getaway.  Still, definitely worth it.

My advice is to definitely AirBnB it up if you can. This was Mr. Hallease's parents first AirBnB experience and for a traditional Hispanic family, it was perfect.  His mother and father are big on cooking and having fruit and snacks handy.  They also prefer to grill. Things you just can't do in a traditional hotel.  

The home we stayed in was a 3bd/3bth house literally a 3-minute walk from the beach.  There are a lot of great condos, lofts, and homes right near the beach so definitely check AirBnB out. 

Because our trip was so short, we kept things pretty simple.  We spent most of our time on the beach boogie boarding and relaxing.  While there we did attempt to fish on their main pier back in Port Isabella (the last city before you cross the bridge into Padre), but alas we came home empty handed (although I do count the Pokemon I caught as a solid win).